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For more information on becoming a member of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary's Foundation Board, please call or E-mail us today!





By being a part of the Foundation Board, you will also have the opportunity to be involved directly in the student's lives. You may want to:

      - be actively involved in student enlistment in your         hometown and state.
      - provide scholarships or other financial aid for enrolled         students.
      - provide aid for students' emergency needs or other         avenues of support.

However, perhaps the most important function you can be involved in as a member of our Foundation Board is PRAYER

       - for our administration
       - for our faculty
       - for our students
       - for the city of New Orleans

YOU can make a difference today in the lives of our ministers, teachers, counselors, musicians, and missionaries or tomorrow.

To learn more about the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary's Foundation Board, please e-mail us at the Office of Institutional Advancement or call us at 1-800-662-8701, ext. 3252.

Officers for 2007/2008
Mr. Gordon Campbell
Mr. Tom Callicutt
Vice President
Rev. Tommy French
Recording Secretary
Mr. Clay Corvin
Dr. Jerry Garrard
Executive Secretary
Enlistment Committee:
Mr. Carey Jackson
Dr. Aaron Johnson
Mr. Michael Moskau