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Deferred Gift Annuity

If you are under 50 or want to begin receiving your annuity gift payments at a later date, you can defer the payments to a specified time, such as your retirement.  Making a gift now when your earnings are high with payments to you to begin in the future is called a deferred gift annuity.  The rates on deferred gift annuities are determined by the length of deferment and your age when payments begin.  Depending on your age and the number of years you have deferred payment, rates could be 10 to 30 percent. 

For Additional Information

See chart (coming soon) comparing the features of life income agreements.  To request additional information on life income agreements or to receive specific examples, call the Office of Development at 1-800-662-8701 or send e-mail to Office of Development

The information contained herein is intended to provide general information, not legal or tax advice about a specific situation or problem.  Always consult a lawyer or tax accountant if you have legal or tax matters which require attention.




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