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a Provide significant support for a NOBTS program which is important to you.
a Provide a substantial inheritance for your heirs. 
a Receive a gift or estate tax deduction based on the present value of your projected gift payments to NOBTS. 
a Reduce the size of your estate and thus estate taxes that could be due. 
a Be invited to join the DeMent Society honoring those who have established a planned gift with NOBTS. 
a Participate in the mission and work of New Orleans Seminary. 

Best Assets to Use for a Lead Trust

a Cash or other income-producing assets. 
a Interests in family businesses and family limited partnerships. 
a Income-producing property with a high-appreciation potential -- allows property to be transferred eventually to family beneficiaries at a low cost. 

Who Will Benefit From Establishing a Lead Trust?

a A person with an estate of $3 million or more who is concerned with high estate taxes.  Under current tax laws, any inheritance in excess of $650,000 left to heirs is taxed at rates as high as 55 percent. 
a A person who has more income than he or she feels is necessary. 
a A person who wishes to transfer assets to children or grandchildren at reduced gift and estate tax cost. 
a A person who would rather give money to NOBTS and its work rather than the government. 
a A person who has an income-producing asset suitable to establish a lead trust.  Note that a lead trust is not tax-exempt.  Therefore, it can be a disadvantageous to establish a charitable lead trust with an appreciated asset if the plan is for the trust to sell the asset.  On the other hand, if the asset is appreciated stock and the trust sells just enough each year to make its payout, the trust can work well.  

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Significant advantages can be realized through proper estate planning

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